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EasyCrypt for Maemo
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These are the beginnings of my security projects website.

The UMPC and Internet Tablet market is heating up and people are starting to use more and more ultra portable devices as impromptu communications devices, while leaving their laptops behind for short trips (to their local Starbucks).

The Nokia N800 is probably the coolest and most useful thing I've bought in a while, and since I'm a part-time Linux h4x0r, it immediately grabbed my attention, not for the "coolness" factor, but if anything, for the sheer open-source hackability factor. Its operating system is a customized version of Debian (and therefore Ubuntu) so people are porting applications to it like crazy. So heck, I figured I'd try my hand at it.

The N800 doesn't have cell phone technology, but it plays nicely with cell phones. It has bluetooth (and can talk to Bluetooth GPS devices), WiFi, a small webcam, can do Skype fairly well, plays back most compressed music and video formats (including YouTube), and has a built-in FM receiver. Of course it can also browse the web and do encrypted instant messaging courtesy of Pidgin and OTR. Hell, you can even run an Apache web server in your pants. The newer N810 dispenses with the FM tuner and a removable memory slot but includes a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and GPS sensor, and the upcoming N810WME will feature WiMax connectivity.

Given the aforementioned convenience of using these devices, people are starting to store confidential data such as contact lists, addresses, phone numbers, email, documents, etc on them. While tiny computing devices are extremely convenient to use, they're also extremely likely to be pickpocketed or misplaced and any sensitive data you've stored on them will be compromised. This motivated me to port Truecrypt and EasyCrypt to the Maemo platform.

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